10 Day Sable hunt, (includes 6 animals) in Limpopo region of SA to benefit Hayley Ellertson.

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10 Day Sable hunt, (includes 6 animals) in Limpopo region of SA to benefit Hayley Ellertson.
10 Day hunt with Motshwere Safaris in Limpopo region of South Africa for 1 hunter and 1 observer in 2020 or 2021. Includes 1 Sable, 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Springbok, 1 Golden Wildebeest, 1 Blesbok and 1 Zebra. This hunt is being auctioned to benefit Hayley Ellertson.

Hayley Ellertson is 19 years old and lives in Payson, UT with her mom, Lyndee Hill-Diamond, her stepdad Troy Diamond, and her siblings. Hayley was born with a congenital heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome(HLHS). For the last two and a half years she has been on the Transplant list.

On 1/25/2020 they received the call that they have been praying for! Hayley would be getting a new heart.
On 1/26/2020 the Heart Transplant surgery was performed in Salt Lake City, UT. and everything went well.

A post from her mother (Lyndee Hill-Diamond)
“We got the call yesterday, and TODAY is the day. Hayley has been on the Heart Transplant waiting list for 2.5 years, and she is going back to get her new heart in less than an hour. There are many mixed emotions right now including excitement, fear, happiness, anxiousness. We are super grateful for the miracle that is being provided by a loving, and giving person/family that lost, but is helping Hayley to live a longer, healthier life. THANK YOU. Wish us good luck. Prayers, and loves. UPDATE: THE HEART IS IN, AND SHE IS OFF BYPASS. STILL SEWING UP BUT SHE'S DOING GREAT!”

1/27/2020 @ 7:30pm – “Update on Hayley: Everything is going pretty well. She was doing so well that they tried to wake her up, and to let her breath on her own. However she had other plans. Lol. Typical teenager style(especially Hayley), decided she was not ready to wake up. She did breath ok around the vent, but her blood pressure dropped very low, a few times requiring interventions which made them understand she was not ready. So, she is back under sedation, and still on the ventilator.” - Troy

1/28/2020 @ 8:45am - “Good Morning everyone. Hayley had a great night, they were able to pull the ET tube, and she is breathing on her own. She is still super sleepy, and her first word was stop lol. I dont blame her, having no control would be tough.” - Lyndee

Even with insurance, the out of pocket cost are astronomical. The money raised here will go to help with medical expenses and expenses for her family to be close to her.

Observer can also shoot from listed animals at no extra cost.

Game that can be added: Gemsbok, Kudu, Impala, Crocodile, Cape Buffalo and other plains game.

Motshwere Safaris is situated in a Malaria-free area situated in the North West region of South Africa. With its wide variety of species and ideal terrain on Motshwere Safaris doorstep, it offers a unique Hunting experience. Picture yourself on an African Safari, in idyllic hunting terrain, shooting some of the best trophies Africa has to offer; Then after the days hunt, dinning under the stars and relaxing beside the campfire in a traditional Tshwana setting.

Arrival and departure point - Johannesburg, South Africa

INCLUDES: Lodging, meals, laundry, airport pick-up and drop-off, caping and skinning.

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare to Johannesburg and taxidermy fees.

Accommodations: Very nice tile floors, tub and shower in every room.