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Kidd Family Auctions is a business with a down home family feel. It’s owned and by Dennis Kidd. Dennis graduated from Southwestern Ontario School of Auctioneering in 1995.In early 2015 Dennis formed Kidd Family Auctions. The staff team consists of three generations of Kidds and hand-picked, capable staff members. We have experience with a wide range of auctions stemming from our background in farming and extending to a variety of other industries.Auctions are meant to be fun, exciting and entertaining. We invite you to come on out. Have a coffee, have a laugh and bid, bid, bid!! You can have confidence in our focus on honesty and our desire to understand your specific situation as a bidder or a consignor. Dennis’ auction family is always growing. Let us treat you like family too.

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Kidd Family Auctions
MELANCTHON, Ontario, Canada
2021 Sep 10 @ 17:00Auction Local Time (UTC-4 : AST/EDT)
2021 Sep 10 @ 14:00Pacific Time