Safari Club International - Lehigh Valley Chapter

About Safari Club International - Lehigh Valley Chapter

In 1977, after hearing about a new organization called Safari Club
International, a small group of hunters from Lehigh Valley decided to
form a local chapter. With the leadership and direction of the founding
President, Cook Schiavone, the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Safari Club
International was born. Their main objectives were to support hunter's
rights and show the local community how important hunters are to the
preservation of wild animals.

By 1993 membership had hit in excess of 300 and was still growing.
The Lehigh Valley Chapters' accomplishments were climbing and we
became well known and supported in the surrounding community.

Membership had grown to well over 600 by the end of 2002. We have
partnered with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, as well as with
many other organizations, helping to fund new projects such as
purchasing new hunting properties, helping to make the elk
management and hunting program a reality, feeding the hungry by
supplying much needed harvested meat to many food banks and many
other projects in a list too long to mention here.

We are proud to say the Lehigh Valley Chapter is still growing. If you
are a resident of the Lehigh Valley, and surrounding area, and have a
passion for hunting and the outdoors, why not make a difference in
your community and join us?

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Safari Club International - Lehigh Valley Chapter
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