Live Auction Terms
Thank you. Your purchase supports your hunting rights and science-based conservation.
NOTICE TO PURCHASER: All hunts, trips, services, and merchandise are provided by the outfitter, service provider, or manufacturer (“Third Parties” or “Third Party”) and are sold per the “Description/Third Party/Merchandise” as above and in their “as is” condition. SCI Utah Chapter and SCI (hereinafter “SCI” for either or both) do not warrant any goods or services connected with this purchase. This sale is final and non-refundable. Purchaser understands that SCI extends no warranty of any kind and agrees that SCI bears no responsibility for the quantity or quality, including the design or fitness for any use, of any merchandise or service. Purchaser agrees that any claim of any kind is limited to the outfitter, service provider, or manufacturer.
Hunts, Trips, Services. All hunts, trips, and services are provided solely by the “Third Party.” SCI does not perform any of the services related to travel or any hunt, trip, or service, as all are the responsibilities of the Third Party and Purchaser. Any negotiations or changes or ad- ditions to the “Description, Third Party/Merchandise” is strictly between the Third Party and Purchaser.
Merchandise. SCI has obtained all merchandise/goods from Third Parties. Purchaser under- stands and agrees that SCI makes no warranty and bears no responsibility for the quality, quantity, or fitness for any use of any merchandise, as all are the responsibility of the manu- facturer. Purchaser understands and agrees that SCI has not inspected or tested any mer- chandise and Purchaser agrees to assume all responsibility for the testing and use of the merchandise.
Payment. All credit card purchases are subject to a 4% buyers premium.