2019 Midnight Sun Fund Raiser Conditions of Sale - The Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter SCI through its annual fund raiser offers hunts, art, firearms, and other tangible items for sale during its Live Auction and all items are sold as is.

The Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter SCI does not make implied or expressed warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the items and in no event shall the Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter SCI be held responsible for the accuracy of a given description or its value.

The auctioneer and spotters will make every attempt to secure all desired bids, but the Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter SCI is not responsible for missed bids or bids that fail to be executed. The auctioneer shall have the
sole and final discretion to determine the successful bidder on live auction items.

The Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter SCI does not guarantee or warrant that a trophy animal or any animal will be taken during the period of the hunt. Locating or taking an animal of trophy quality or otherwise is not a condition of acceptance and satisfaction on the part of the buyer for the acquired hunt.

All photos displayed associated with a hunt may or may not be representative of animals taken or to be taken on that particular hunt. We do our best to solicit donated hunts only from competent outfitters.

All of this said, it is important to note that hunts purchased at our auction generally go very well, with both the donor and the buyer being well satisfied. Certain trips such as mountain hunts or spot and stalk hunts require a high level of physical fitness to maximize the opportunity for success. Other trips, such as game ranch hunts, are not as physically

If you buy a hunt at our auction that the donor fails to provide for you, through no fault of your own, we will make arrangements for a replacement hunt or we will issue you a credit. If you simply find it inconvenient to go on the dates available, or change your mind for some reason, then it is to be worked out
between you and the outfitter.

Please report the results of your donated hunt on the form included in your buyer’s packet. We really would like to know how it went. We also would like to encourage all buyers to submit photos and/or a complete story for publication in our chapter’s newsletter.

All sales are final and there will be no exchanges or refunds on items or hunts. The Alaska Kenai Peninsula Chapter SCI cannot guarantee the satisfaction of the buyer. In reference to hunting and fishing donations, it
is the responsibility of the buyer to contact the donor immediately and make all necessary arrangements for the dates and any permit requirements.