Auction items must be paid for by the close of the banquet. Payments will be taken at the Check-Out Table throughout the Banquet. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
RMBS welcomes the use of approved credit cards for auction purchases. However, a convenience fee will be added to all online auction purchases and is included in the buyer's premium of 5% on items up to $5000 and $250 on items $5000 or higher.

Items may be picked up after the auction is complete with proof of payment. The Auction Volunteer Team will be available in the banquet hall to assist you in obtaining your item.
Any items left in the inventory, either unpaid or uncollected, will be taken back to RMBS Headquarters and shipped at the purchaser’s expense.
Any bid made at a RMBS auction, whether in person at a live auction or by phone, constitutes an unconditional offer to buy the item in question at the price bid. Unless a higher and subsequent bid is made, your bid creates a binding contract of purchase, obligates you to sign the bid ticket or, in the case of a phone bid, authorizes the person who took the bid to sign on your behalf AND requires that the bid amount be paid prior to the close of the auction. In the event that the successful bid was made by phone, the bid price must be received before the close of the fifth business day after the close of the auction.

Any failure of compliance with the provision above will result in the addition of any costs incurred because of non-compliance, plus the addition of interest at the rate of 1% per month, or portion thereof, that payment is late.

The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society (RMBS) is organized to benefit wild sheep by generating funds by auctioning items donated by individuals or companies.

All goods in the live and silent auctions and fund-raising areas have been acquired or obtained from third parties. The purchaser acknowledges that the goods have not been inspected by RMBS, and is advised, in the case of firearms, knives, bullets, or other weapons to obtain a competent inspection and test of the goods before use. The goods sold in both the live and silent auctions are sold “AS IS” with all faults and defects, and without any express or implied warranty on the part of RMBS. RMBS provides no warranties of fitness and expressly disclaims the same. RMBS does not accept any liability or responsibility for any product, design, or use. Any written warranties on the goods delivered to the high bidder are those solely of the manufactures, and/or their agents, and shall be the sole liability and responsibility of the manufacturer.

All services, hunts, or otherwise, in the live and silent auctions and fund-raising areas have been acquired for and are to be furnished by third parties and contain the same reservation set forth under “goods” above. No services in the live auction are to be or will be performed by RMBS. RMBS shall bear no responsibilities for the delivery or quality of any of the services, or for any loss or damages arising from or related to or connected with the performance or non-performance of such services. The purchaser also acknowledges that in the event that services are purchased, RMBS cannot be responsible for or liable for any political unrest or instability that may occur outside the United States. RMBS cannot be accountable for any injuries or damages that may arise there from.
RMBS reserves the right to add items to the auctions as additional donations become available.