We have decided on the following rules regarding our auctions:
1. The decision of the auctioneer is final.
3. Certain hunts/items do have a reserve. The reserve will be announced prior to the bid.
Disclaimer of Liability
All goods in the live auction, silent auction and raffles have been acquired or obtained from third parties. The high bidder acknowledges that the goods have not been inspected by SCI El Paso Chapter, and is advised, in the case of firearms, knives, bullets or other weapons to secure a competent inspection and test of the goods before use. The goods are sold “ as is” w ith all faults and defects, and w ithout any express or implied w arranty on the part of SCI El Paso Chapter. SCI El Paso Chapter makes no w arranties of fitness or merchantability, and expressly disclaims the same. SCI El Paso Chapter does not accept any responsibility or liability for any product, design or use. Any written warranties with respect to the goods delivered to the purchaser are those solely of the manufacturer or their agents, and shall be the sole liability and responsibility of the manufacturer. All firearms obtained for this event will be transferred in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Details on all Live Auction items are listed in the Auction List found in this program. Auction Merchandise will be on display in the Live Auction area surrounding the podium. If you require further information on an item or hunt, please inquire at the auctioneer's podium before the auction gets underway, or if present, see the donor at their booth.
Different hunts include or specify different things, such as meals, lodging, transportation, weapon type (gun, bow, handgun, etc.) available dates, etc. Please read the descriptions carefully. As a general rule, hunting licenses are not included. Some hunts may carry a GST tax. All stated auction values, as listed in the program, are set by the respective donors. Extras such as license fees, etc., if indicated, are in U.S. dollars.
If you buy a hunt at our auction that the donor fails to provide for you, through no fault of your own, we will make arrangements for a replacement hunt or we will issue you a credit. If you simply find it inconvenient to go on the dates available, or change your mind for some reason, then it is to be negotiated between you and the outfitter.
SCI El Paso Chapter does its’ best to solicit donated hunts only from competent outfitters. However, we do not guarantee the quality or success of any hunt purchased at this auction. All of this said it is important to note that hunts bought at our auction generally go well with both the donor and buyer being well satisfied.
Any and all modifications and/or amendments made between the purchaser and/or those acting on his/her behalf, and the outfitter, whether before or after the purchase of an auction item from that described in the auction description are deemed to be new contracts between the above parties and not SCI El Paso Chapter. If there are any issues or concerns regarding the outfitters ability or willingness to fulfill his obligation as advertised in the auction description, it is the purchaser's duty to immediately notify, in writing, the Board of Directors of SCI El Paso Chapter of said issues or concerns, in order for the Board to address the same. Should the purchaser choose to proceed, absent providing proper notification, it is presumed that the purchaser is completely satisfied.
Upgrading your hunt, while not required, is certainly appreciated by our donors. If you do not want to add another animal, consider bringing along a friend. This really helps out these outfitters and hunting companies that are trying to help us! With few exceptions, these donors are not wealthy individuals, but rather they donate to help wildlife, ensure the future of our sport, and generate new business for themselves. Please do what you can to help out.
As usual, an auction item goes to the highest bidder. Though "spotters" are located around the room, it is the bidder's responsibility to make their bid noticed, so don't be shy! Speak up, or stand up to get the auctioneer's attention. If a final bid for the same amount is taken from two people, the bidding is closed to everyone else except those two people.
All signatures on auction invoices are binding. Please make sure that any changes or additions to the printed description of an item that takes place during the actual auction are recorded on the auction invoice before you sign and pay for it.
All auction sales must be finalized by the end of the night. To finalize the sale, the auction runner can take your payment, or you can go to the Cashier's area. Cash, checks, VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted. You may pick up your auction merchandise in the Cashier’s area with your validated receipt.