ACSCI Terms of Sale

1. The auctioneer has the final authority on the amount paid for any item and with identifying the purchaser of any item.
2. The purchaser must sign a buyer’s agreement for each item purchased at the time of the sale. For buyers at the auction location, after a successful bid, one of our staff will arrive at your table for this purpose.
3. If after the auctioneer declares any item "sold", a contest arises between bidders as to who was the successful bidder, the auctioneer reserves the right to reopen the bidding on the contested item.
4. All sales must be paid for by the end of the auction. No exceptions.
5. For buyers at the auction location, proof of payment will be required before any items may be claimed or removed from the banquet hall. When payment is made, a paid receipt will be issued. All sales are final.
6. For buyers at the auction location, methods of payment accepted for purchases: CASH, CHECK, or CREDIT CARD + 3% Merchant Fee
7. ACSCI has exercised reasonable care and prudence in the selection of auction and raffle items, but cannot accept liability for their use, or misuse, and makes no warranty as to their suitability, safety or function either expressed or implied. ACSCI cannot be held responsible for typographical errors.
8. The purchaser waives any claim for liability against ACSCI or the donor of any property or service, and neither ACSCI nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of any property or services sold. If any action or claim is made against ACSCI by an individual, entity, or state, local, federal, foreign or political body for any matter whatsoever arising from the use of the auctioned items, or any actions or parties conducting business with respect to the auctioned items, the donor and/or purchaser will pay ACSCI’s attorney fees and costs and will hold ACSCI harmless from any judgments thereon.
9. The purchaser is responsible for contacting the outfitter to identify as the winning bidder of the hunt and to clarify the details regarding the donation. Please remember to thank the outfitter for their support of the Adirondack-Catskill Chapter of SCI.
10. If you will be traveling out of the state or country for your hunt, it is your responsibility to learn the rules, regulations and laws of any State or Country where you will be traveling to/from. This includes but is not limited to visas, passports, trophy importation, firearms, medical requirements, and legal restraints to entering/leaving a country. ACSCI is not responsible for any problems you may encounter during your travels. No refund of your purchase will be considered based on your lack of due diligence when planning your trip.