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1. Upgrading your hunt, while not required, is certainly appreciated by our donors. If you do not want to add another animal, consider bringing along a friend. This really helps out these outfitters and hunting companies that are trying to help us! With few exceptions, these donors are not wealthy philanthropists, but rather they donate to help wildlife, ensure the future of our sport, and generate new business for themselves. Please do what you can to help!
2. We do our best to solicit donated hunts only from competent outfitters. However, we do not guarantee the quality or success of any hunt purchased at this auction. All of this said, it is important to note that hunts purchased at our auction generally go very well, with both the donor and the buyer being well satisfied. Certain trips such as mountain hunts or spot and stalk hunts require a high level of physical fitness to maximize the opportunity for success. Other trips, such as game ranch hunts, are not physically demanding.
3. If you are unable to attend our live auction in person and wish to place bids for live auction items, you may submit a bid online by establishing an account and providing payment information through our third party online auction representative. To place an absentee bid online, you will need to provide in advance a pre-approved credit card.