San Diego Chapter, Safari Club International Terms and Conditions 2021:

All online bidders are subject to a 5% premium, capped at $300. Additionally there is a 3% administration fee to cover costs such as credit card fees and online auction services.

SDSCI – Auction Program Rules & Regulations
San Diego Chapter of Safari Club International (hereinafter SDSCI) is a Section 501(c)(3), non-profit membership organization. Our members are conservationists who hunt. Our mission is conservation of wildlife, education of the public, and advocacy for hunting and hunter's rights. SDSCI appreciates the support of its donors and members in helping to further its programs and goals. Auction revenue funds a great portion of SDSCI's operating budget. The majority of the dollars raised goes to support SCI Foundation’s conservation and education programs and for protection of the hunter. The term “auction” refers to silent auction & live auction.
Items donated to SDSCI and amounts paid to SDSCI as part of the auction may qualify as charitable deductions. No portion of any SDSCI auction purchase is eligible for a tax deduction unless it is an auction item sold for the benefit SDSCI. If an auction item is sold for the benefit of SDSCI, the purchaser may be eligible for a charitable deduction for only that portion of the payment that is over the item’s fair market (or retail) value. All auction items are donated to SDSCI unless otherwise noted. Refer to IRS Publication 1391, Deductibility of Payments Made to Charities Conducting Fund Raising Events and consult your tax advisor for information about charitable deductions.
Any exceptions to these Auction Program Rules & Regulations must be reviewed and accepted by the SDSCI Auction Committee and SDSCI Board of Directors.

1. You or your representative (designated individual must have written, notarized authorization by you stating maximum bidding price for each of the items of interest) must be registered and present during the auction to be eligible to bid. A person who bids on behalf of another person or group will be ultimately held responsible for payment in its entirety. A person registered and bidding through the official SDSCI online auction site will be considered to be registered and present for the auction.
2. All items auctioned are sold “as is.” SDSCI assumes no responsibility for the validity of the descriptions, authenticity, or condition of any item donated for auction. SDSCI makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied regarding any property or service sold at auction including, but not limited to, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability. Values listed are as stated by donors and are not warranted by SDSCI for tax or any other purpose.
3. All items auctioned (whether goods or services) have been acquired or obtained by SDSCI from third parties. The purchaser acknowledges that the items have not been inspected by SDSCI and that the purchaser is advised, in all cases, but particularly in the case of firearms, knives, bows, bullets or other weapons, to secure a competent inspection and test of the goods before use. No services auctioned are to or will be performed by SDSCI.
4. After bidding for an item concludes and the auctioneer designates a winning bidder, the designated winner (buyer) must immediately agree to a Buyer's Agreement. For buyers at the auction location, the buyer must sign the Buyer's Agreement and one copy will be given to the buyer. For online buyers, the buyer must click "I accept" after reading the Buyer's Agreement which, along with payment for the item, constitutes agreement to the Buyer's Agreement. For silent auctions, the Silent Auction Bid Sheet is considered the Buyer's Agreement to purchase the indicated item. All signatures on Buyer's Agreements, Silent Auction Bid Sheets and Silent Auction Sealed Bid Forms, and "I accept" with payment for online purchases, are legal and binding. SDSCI will not recognize changes, additions or deletions to any auction description agreed to by the buyer and donor unless such changes are noted on the Buyer's Agreement and signed by the buyer and an authorized representative of the donor. or in the case of online buyers, noted in an electronic writing exchanged between the buyer and an authorized representative of the donor.
5. By making a purchase, the purchaser waives any claim for liability against SDSCI or the donor of any property or service, and neither SDSCI nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of any property or services sold. If any action or claim is made against SDSCI by an individual, entity, or state, local, federal, foreign or political body for any matter whatsoever arising from the use of the auctioned items, or any actions or parties conducting business with respect to the auctioned items, the donor and/or purchaser will pay SDSCI’s attorneys’ fees and costs and will hold SDSCI harmless from any judgment thereon.
6. By making a purchase, the purchaser agrees that:
a. The auction and purchases made at the auction shall be governed in all respects, whether as to validity, construction, capacity, performance, or otherwise, by the laws of the State of California, except as pre-empted by federal law and that venue for any and all actions, including litigation, mediation and/or arbitration, shall be in San Diego County, California
b. Any dispute or action arising out of or relating to the Auction and purchases made at the Auction shall first be submitted to mediation before a mediator mutually agreed to by the Parties, with said mediation to be held in California. If mediation is unsuccessful, then such dispute or claim shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association or other appropriate standard relating to disputes arising out of contract, before one arbitrator, with said arbitration to be held in San Diego County, California.
7. If during a live auction, a final bid for an item is erroneously taken from two bidders, the bidding is closed to everyone else except those two bidders. The high bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser; the auctioneer shall have the sole and final discretion to determine the successful bidder in any auction. At each live auction, there will be pre-designated bid spotters in the audience, and it is the responsibility of the bidder to direct bids to the nearest spotter. The auctioneers and spotters will make every attempt to acknowledge all desired bids, but SDSCI is not responsible for any missed bids or bids that fail to be executed.
8. Successful bidders may, during or immediately following the auction, present their copy of the Buyer’s Agreement to the Auction Payment Counter, where they may pay by cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made to SDSCI and must be drawn on a U.S. bank and in U.S. dollars. Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Card, Discover and American Express are accepted.
9. Auction items purchased at the Saturday Night Auction must be paid for before the official close of the Saturday Night Auction. Any auction items that have not been paid for by the close of the Saturday Night Auction will be subject to a 10% surcharge, which will be added to the winning bid and this total will then become the purchase price. Items purchased through an online auction will be shipped by the online shipping representative and fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.
10. Silent auction items will be showcased at he Auction Fundraiser Event for open bidding to all in attendance. The final 30 minutes of bidding in the silent auction is submitted on a sealed bid form. The winning bid will be determined at the end of the 30-minute sealed-bid.
11. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ALL TANGIBLE GOODS PURCHASED AT THE SDSCI AUCTION ARE SUBJECT TO THE CURRENT STATE AND LOCAL SALES TAX RATES. THERE WILL BE NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS on items or services. Unless otherwise indicated, all auction items, services and hunts must be used within one year of the date of the purchase at auction unless a different time period is specified in the official description. Dates and times for applicable items are to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the donor and winning bidder/purchaser.
12. IT IS THE PURCHASER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THE DONOR REGARDING PURCHASED ITEMS, SERVICES OR HUNTS and to make all arrangements for hunt dates and the application for necessary of paperwork for licenses and permits. SDSCI is not, and will not act as, a conduit or go-between between the purchaser and donor.
13. Although SDSCI has made every effort to ensure the quality of donated hunts and trips, it cannot, and does not, guarantee the satisfaction of either the donor or the purchaser.
14. To protect our hunt donors, SDSCI reserves the right to withdraw any donated hunt from the auction that does not receive a bid at the minimum of 50% of its stated value. If the Auction Program Chairman or the Auctioneer determines that it is necessary or in SDSCI’s best interest, the hunt may be offered to the last highest bidder at 50% of its stated value before determining that a withdrawal is necessary. If the last highest bidder rejects the offer, the hunt may be considered a no sale and withdrawn and may be resold later. The Auctioneer shall have the sole and final discretion to determine the sale of a donated hunt.
15. Some hunts are subject to VAT and GST tax liabilities. Often these taxes are due and payable before a hunt can be taken. Other items may be subject to sales taxes. SDSCI does not assume responsibility for these fees. Interested bidders and buyers should verify amounts with donor and check with the local government where a hunt is to be taken to validate tax rates.
16. SDSCI has been advised that donated “worked” ivory may be sold at its auctions. “Worked” ivory must not have been imported under any permit that prohibits the sale of that ivory. The export of “worked” elephant ivory for non-commercial or personal uses is allowed under U.S. law, but requires a CITES permit and must have been imported legally. Most hunting trophies have come into the U.S. under permits that prohibit sale, and cannot be sold. Export of “raw” ivory is not allowed for any purpose.
17. The terms and conditions set forth in the Auction Buyer Policy and the Auction Hunt Policy are hereby incorporated herein by reference.
The purchaser’s acceptance of the Buyer’s Agreement, Silent Auction Bid Sheet or Silent Auction Sealed Bid Form signifies and guarantees that the purchaser has read and understands these Auction Program Rules and Regulations, the Auction Buyer Policy and the Auction Hunt Policy, and the purchaser accepts and agrees to completely abide by and be legally bound by all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations for the Auction Program.

SDSCI – Auction Buyer Policy
SDSCI offers donated hunts and items to its members at official SDSCI events through live auctions, silent auctions and targeted drawing. SDSCI’s policy for hunts or items acquired by members at auction or through a targeted drawing:
1. SDSCI offers hunts, art, jewelry, firearms and other tangible items for bid during live and silent auctions or for targeted drawing. All items are transferred as is. All valuations are provided by donors and all descriptions are based on information provided by third parties and SDSCI shall in no event be held responsible for their accuracy. SDSCI does not make implied or expressed warranties or representation of any kind, nor does SDSCI deem to have made any representation or warranty of the description, genuineness, attribution, provenance or condition of any item. No statement in the SDSCI publications, brochures or in the bill of sale or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty, representation or assumption of liability by SDSCI. Any written warranties with respect to the items purchased are those solely and expressly supplied by the manufacturer or donor of that item or hunt. Although third parties sometimes provide appraisals with items such as jewelry, SDSCI does not verify or warrant their accuracy or origin. Appraisals are the result of subjective valuations and estimates of value and quality can vary markedly between competent and reliable appraisers. The provision of an appraisal does not represent a guarantee of value. Furthermore any written or visual presentation done or offered by third parties does not necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of SDSCI.
2. The successful bidder (or “purchaser”) of an item (whether through a live auction, silent auction or targeted drawing) will immediately sign a Buyer’s Agreement. The Buyer’s Agreement will be brought to where the purchaser is sitting for signature and the bidder/purchaser will retain one copy at that time. For silent auctions, the Silent Auction Bid Sheet or Silent Auction Sealed Bid Form is considered a Buyer’s Agreement of the purchaser to accept the indicated item and pay the bid amount. Purchaser’s signature on the Buyer's Agreement and the Silent Auction Bid Sheet or Silent Auction Sealed Bid Form demonstrate that the purchaser acknowledges that the agreement is a legal and binding contract to accept the item and pay the accepted bid amount. Any changes, deletions or additions to the description printed on the Buyer’s Agreement, which are agreed to by the purchaser and an authorized representative of the donor, must be noted and signed by both parties in order to be recognized as part of the auction purchase.
3. All auctions are final and there will be no exchanges or refunds on items or hunts. SDSCI has made every effort to ensure the quality of donated items or hunts. However, SDSCI does not guarantee the satisfaction of the donor or the purchaser in any case. In reference to hunt donations, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to contact the hunt donor immediately and make all necessary arrangements for hunt dates and the application for any necessary paperwork for licenses and /or permits. Failure to make necessary arrangements may constitute forfeiture.
4. Although SDSCI makes reasonable efforts to list all extra and ancillary expenses not included in hunt, travel, service and other items, lists of expenses in auction item descriptions should not be considered exhaustive or definitive and SDSCI will not be held responsible for their completeness or accuracy. Such ancillary expenses can include, but are not limited to; travel and transfer expenses, taxes, license and documentation fees, trophy fees, lodging and meals, and gratuities among others. The amounts of additional expenses listed in auction item descriptions are approximations and are subject to change without notice. Some ancillary expenses may be omitted from the item description. Bidders should contact relevant donors before bidding for additional and updated information about expenses one can expect to incur in taking a hunt or trip or in using a service or item.
5. All tangible items are subject to local sales tax.
6 All of the terms and conditions set forth in the Auction Hunt Policy and the Auction Program Rules & Regulations are applicable to members purchasing items at auction or through raffle and such terms and conditions are incorporated herein by reference.

General – Any hunts, trips, goods or services purchased by buyer at auction are provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. SDSCI makes no warranties about any Donor’s accuracy, competency or reliability, or of the buyer’s satisfaction with his/her purchase. SDSCI’s acceptance of donor’s gift or donation does not imply endorsement of the donor or the donated hunt, trip, goods or services.
In no event shall SDSCI, its directors, officers, agents, employees, or representatives be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way or form out of the Buyer’s purchase of trips, hunts, goods, services or anything else purchased by Buyer at auction.
Hunts – Although SDSCI has used its reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of donated hunts and trips, it has no control over the operation of the donor and cannot and does not guarantee that the hunt or trip will be to the Buyer’s satisfaction. The Buyer understands and agrees that it is his/her responsibility to make all arrangements for hunt or trip dates, including travel and completion and filing of all necessary documents, including applications for licenses and permits. SDSCI cannot guarantee or warrant that a trophy animal or any animal will be taken during a hunt. Some hunts are subject to VAT and GST liabilities, which sometimes are due and payable before the hunt can be taken. Buyer understands and agrees that SDSCI is not responsible for these fees and that it is Buyer’s responsibility to pay these fees unless other arrangements are made with donor.
Goods - All goods covered by this invoice have been donated to or obtained by SDSCI from third parties. The Buyer acknowledges that the goods have not been inspected by SDSCI and that Buyer is advised, in the case of firearms, knives, bows, bullets, or other sporting and/or hunting equipment, to secure a competent inspection and test of the goods before use. The goods covered by this invoice are sold AS IS. Any written warranties relating to the goods are SOLELY those of the manufacturer or provider.
Services - All services covered by this invoice have been donated to or obtained by SDSCI from third parties, and are to be furnished by such third parties. No such services are to be or will be performed by SDSCI. SDSCI has no control over the operation of the donor and cannot and does not guarantee the delivery or quality of any such services and it is not liable for any loss or damage arising from or relating to the provision or non-provision of such services. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that in the event services purchased are outside of the United States, SDSCI shall not be responsible or liable for any political unrest or instability that may occur outside the United States, nor shall SDSCI be held accountable for any injuries or damages.
No Refund Policy – This purchase is non-refundable. In no event shall Buyer seek reimbursement from SDSCI and Buyer acknowledges and agrees that SDSCI is not liable to refund the purchase price or any portion thereof.
Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Venue – This Agreement, its construction, performance and enforcement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to any conflicts of law provisions. For all claims or disputes in which SDSCI is named as a party arising under or with respect to this Agreement or any item purchased at auction, Buyer agrees that the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for such disputes shall be in the California Superior Court, San Diego County or the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. Buyer waives any objection or defense (including, without limitation any defense of inconvenient forum) that Buyer may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such action or proceeding in such courts. If legal action is required and SDSCI prevails, SDSCI shall be entitled to recover its attorney fees and costs.
Auction Program Policies – Buyer agrees that he/she is bound by the Auction Program Policies published in SDSCI Auction publications and that he/she has read the above Disclaimers of Warranties and Liabilities and the Auction Buyer Policy and agrees to all such terms and conditions.