Safari Club International Drayton Valley Chapter has
exercised reasonable care and prudence in the selection
of auction items and prizes; however, accept no liability
for the use or misuse, and makes no warranty as to their
suitability, safety, or function, either expressed or implied.
All sales are final and there will be no exchanges or
refunds on items. Every effort has been made to ensure
the quality of items; however, we cannot guarantee the
satisfaction of the donor or the buyer. In reference to
hunt donations; it is the purchasers’ responsibility to
contact the donor immediately and make all the necessary
arrangements regarding dates and application for any
necessary paperwork for licenses and/or permits.
Payment for items must be made tonight by: credit card.
1. Auctioneer will facilitate bidding on live auction items
this evening.
2. In case of a disputed bid, the bid may be re-opened at
the discretion of the auctioneer whose decision is final.
3. Purchaser will be presented with Auction Claim Invoice
to sign, verifying purchase.
4. Purchaser will be given an information package on the
live auction item purchased.
5. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to contact the donor
and make all the necessary arrangements.
6. Purchaser must make payment tonight by: credit card.
7. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the