Terms and Conditions

1. Winning Bidders are responsible for payment of the auction items in full at the end of the evening event. Online purchases must be paid for by credit card only. Nonpayment of any item will cancel the sale.
2. In the event of a “tie” between bidders, the auctioneer may re-open the bidding between the high bidders only.
3. We have partnered with OnlineHuntingAuctions.com. Online Bidders will be charged a 5% convenience fee for each item purchased through the online forum. The 5% fee is waived for bidders present at the fundraiser.
4. All auction sales are final, and there will be no exchanges or refunds on items or hunts. There will be no transfers or re-sale of items sold at the Chapter fundraiser. The purchaser must be the attendee on the hunt unless given permission by the donor to change.
5. SCI does NOT guarantee the satisfaction of the donor or the purchaser in any case. In reference to hunt donations, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to contact the hunt donor immediately and make all necessary arrangements for hunt dates and the application for any necessary paperwork for licenses and/or permits. Failure to make necessary arrangements may constitute forfeiture. Any disputes relating to the items or hunts shall be resolved between the donor and the purchaser.
6. It is the Bidder’s and/or the Donor’s responsibility to obtain proper licenses and permits and to arrange times/scheduling of the event with the outfitter. Special arrangements other than set forth on the auction list are expressly between the donor and the buyer. Decisions such as dates of hunting/fishing/other trips, details of hunting/fishing/other trips, charges during such trips beyond the representations made in the donation are considered negotiations strictly between the buyer and the provider/outfitter. The West Texas Chapter of SCI does not warrant or promise, expressly or otherwise, the satisfaction with the auction item.
7. The auctioneer will decide any disputes regarding the bids during the Live Auction. Some items may have minimum bids.
8. All Firearms obtained through this event will be transferred in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Items will be transferred through a proper Federal Firearms License holder. Winning bidders should contact Ally Outdoors at (432) 203-3661.
9. All shipping expenses for items purchased in the auction are the sole responsibility of the winning bidder. The buyer should contact the West Texas Chapter of SCI as soon as possible to arrange delivery. (Contact: sci.wtc@gmail.com)

The auction goods are sold as is without any expressed or implied warranty on the part of the West Texas Chapter of SCI. The West Texas Chapter of SCI does not accept any responsibility or liability for any product design or use. Any written warranties with respect to donations are solely those of the manufacturer/donor or their agents and shall be their sole responsibility and liability. The West Texas Chapter of SCI shall bear no responsibility for the delivery or quality of any such service or for the loss or damage arising from, related to, or connected with the performance or non-performance of such services. Any problem regarding the auction item should be resolved directly with the donor. The West Texas Chapter of SCI shall not be held liable for such negotiations, nor shall they be held liable for the failure of the donor to provide such items or services.