Bidding will open in 2020. You can either bid through this website, or in person at the dinner. Online registration is not required if you attend the dinner. Additional items will be added right up to the time of the auction so please check back for more items.

Please review all the Terms and Conditions before you bid.

A majority of outfitters do not allow stringing of donation hunts (purchase of multiple hunts in a single country), even if it is not explicitly stated in the hunt description, so please don't buy more than one hunt per country. If you want to string together two or more donated hunts, be sure to gain the approval of ALL the outfitters ahead of bidding, to ensure they will honour your purchases. Calgary SCI will not be held liable for any losses as a result of stringing.

In general, donations are to both raise money for SCI, and secondly to attract new customers to outfitters. Most outfitters do not accept repeated purchases by the same bidder.