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  • Industry leading software, automatic-updates, new features, very flexible, and easy to use!
  • Great personal service, free training, support for you and your bidders.
  • Real-time live bidding, available with high quality audio/video streaming.
  • Extremely affordable, flexible plans, custom fit for your business.
  • Customized website integration. Website design services also available.
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How do online auctions work?

Below is a general outline of the basic steps to running a live auction:
  1. Prepare and upload your catalogue (and upload item images).
    Managed Option Available: Rather than doing it yourself you can send your catalog and images to us and we can process it for you.
  2. Approve your bidders using your own criteria.
    This can be 100% automated or if desired it can be done manually.
  3. Automatically collect absentee bids via the website.
    Optionally you can also use our system to enter absentee bids you collect over the phone.
  4. Run your live auction, allowing online bidders world wide to place bids in conjunction with your floor bidders.
    Depending on your auction type this step may be modified or removed to meet your needs.
  5. After the auction use our tools to process your auction results, reconcile bids, send invoices to the winning bidders and collect payment.
    Integrated credit card processing is also available.