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About Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation

The Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation (AK WSF) was established as an Alaskan non-profit corporation in December 2014 and chartered by their parent organization, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF), in January 2015. The purpose of AK WSF is “Putting and keeping sheep on the mountain." With members throughout Alaska and the United States, the volunteer-driven organization works to facilitate science-based management of wild sheep throughout the state. Approximately 25% of the wild sheep in North America live in Alaska. AK WSF is fully aligned with the national Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) requiring dual membership in both organizations. This relationship also helps guarantee that the organizations always speak with one voice. As such, AK WSF is authorized to represents the national Foundation on all matters in Alaska related to Dall sheep.

AK WSF is open to all persons and organizations that subscribe to the mission and purpose of AK WSF and comply with the stipulations set forth in the Bylaws, Ethics Policy, and the other AK WSF guidance documents. Dual membership is required so each member of the AK WSF must be a member in good standing of our parent organization, the Wild Sheep Foundation.

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7th Annual Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation Banquet and Fundraiser7th Annual Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation Banquet and Fundraiser(Session 1)
Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation
Palmer, Alaska, United States
2022 Apr 23 @ 20:00Auction Local Time (UTC-8 : PST)
2022 Apr 23 @ 21:00Pacific Time