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About C & R Endeavors Ltd.

C & R Endeavors Ltd. Is a family owned and operated business by Cyril and Rose Hermary. We conduct on-line auctions specializing in antiques, collectibles, jewelry, firearms, ammunition, coin, currency, etc. There is an ever-changing selection of quality items sold only to on-line bidders! We are conveniently located in Red Deer, Alberta half way between Calgary and Edmonton for easy pickup from either city or we ship to anywhere in the world that will let us. We are here for you the buyer.

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Firearms - Ammunition - Coins - Jewelry - Antiques - CollectablesFirearms - Ammunition - Coins - Jewelry - Antiques - Collectables(Session 1)
C & R Endeavors Ltd.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
2020 Jul 18 @ 09:00Auction Local Time (UTC-7 : PDT/MST)
2020 Jul 18 @ 09:00Pacific Time
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