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About Clark Management Company

Clark Management Company’s goal is to bring together great consignors and a good selection
of gentle and great using animals that exemplify the auctions that we produce.

The Best of the Rockies, Cody Horse Sale encourages consignors to bring Gentle, Well Broke
and Guaranteed Sound saddle horses, good for Trail Riding, Ranching and Rope Horses.

Jake Clark’s MULE DAYS prides itself on bringing mules that fit what the buyers need and
deserve. Consignors come from across North America and new consignors are required to
provide a video of their mules as a prescreening process to be allowed in the sale.

Please be sure to talk with the consignors, investigate the animals qualities and be honest with
yourself about your abilities to get matched up with the right animal.

Clark Management Company encourages the consignors to enter various activities at each Sale
and encourages the buyers to watch these activities for their best accomplishments and best use
during these activities,

Our GOAL is to bring more awareness of the consignments qualities and abilities in order for
the buyers to find a great match to their needs.

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