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Climb to the Peak

Currency:USD Category:Hunting Start Price:500.00 USD Estimated At:750.00 - 1,250.00 USD
Climb to the Peak

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Auction Date:2023 Jun 03 @ 20:10 (UTC-6 : CST/MDT)
Location:Little America Hotel 2800 W Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY 82009, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, United States
Phone Bidders Welcome!
Call Zach McDermott at (307) 752-1212 to get registered.
“Climb to the Peak”
Become a Ramshorn Life or Life member and be entered to win! Each time the chapter gets 10 upgrades a winner will be drawn. Raffle ticket holders may win more than once. Winners may select from any of the firearms and optics listed below. Allow 90 days lead time for delivery. Weatherby or Maven will ship the items to an FFL of the winner’s choice at no expense to the winners.
Receive two tickets if you purchase a RHS life membership and 1 ticket for purchasing a life membership or upgrading from Life to Ramshorn membership.
Prizes to choose from include:
A Weatherby Mark V Hunter Rifle.
Your choice of any caliber from the Weatherby website or a Weatherby 18i Deluxe either a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.

Maven Back Country Guide Bundle
includes B.5 binocular, your choice of power, Outdoorsman’s Binocular Adapter, Tripod, and Pistol Grip Tripod Head kit.

Maven Yellowstone Spotting Scope Bundle
S.1 Spotting Scope and case (straight or angled), Benro Adventure AL Tripod/S Pro head, Phone Skope
Adapter Ring and Case Kit and
Phone Skope shutter Remote 2.0.

You must be eligible to receive these items at your location.
Void where prohibited by law.
You will automatically be entered into the contest once your membership upgrade is fully paid. Contest ends on June 2, 2023. To purchase or upgrade memberships, visit our website at:Membership or call Dean at (307)213-0998