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About Dallas Safari Club - South Texas

The South Texas Chapter of the Dallas Safari Club is organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purposes of wildlife conservation and hunter education. We further these purposes primarily by making grants to 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation or hunter education.

The South Texas Chapter raises funds and promotes knowledge of wildlife conservation through fun events for members, like our annual gala held in January in San Antonio, Texas. We organize educational programs to improve hunter safety as well as knowledge of the North American Model of Conservation and fair chase principles.

The Chapter is proudly affiliated with the Dallas Safari Club, a world-wide leader in funding and promoting wildlife conservation. As an affiliated chapter, the Chapter will support and adhere to the objectives, policies, and other standards established by DSC, including DSC’s Code of Ethics.

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Dallas Safari Club 2022 BanquetDallas Safari Club 2022 Banquet(Session 1)
Dallas Safari Club - South Texas
San Antonio, Texas, United States
2022 Jan 15 @ 20:00Auction Local Time (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
2022 Jan 15 @ 17:00Pacific Time