Dallas Safari Club

About Dallas Safari Club

The name Dallas Safari Club might be a bit misleading—our members hail from every corner of the globe to form one of the world’s premier hunting and conservation organizations.

Whether they live in South Africa, New Zealand or north Texas, since 1970 our members have shared the same mission: to preserve hunters’ rights, conserve wildlife, and promote outdoor education.

To that end, we host one of the world’s largest outdoor sporting conventions every January, sponsor an outdoor education course in the public schools, hold tournaments and competitions, and use the money we earn to fund wildlife conservation around the world.

Learn more about how we live our mission by visiting our web site. Here are a few highlights:

1.Our Mission - where our money goes
2.Our Foundation - conservation, education, and protecting hunters rights
3.Our Education Programs - educating the next generation of sportsmen
4.Our Convention - one of the world's largest outdoor sporting conventions

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