Washington Wild Sheep Foundation

About Washington Wild Sheep Foundation

WASHINGTON WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION (WA WSF) is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization.

Our mission is to promote and enhance increasing populations of indigenous wild sheep on the North American continent, to safeguard against the decline or extinction of such species, and to fund programs for professional management of these populations; keeping all administrative costs to a minimum. We are vigorously involved in the conservation, propagation and intensive management of the remaining wild sheep populations and their habitats. WA WSF annually funds a wide variety of meaningful and essential projects with some major areas of conservation being:
Biological studies and research projects, wild sheep transplants and the reestablishment of wild sheep populations into suitable historic habitat, wildlife habitat enhancement, disease research, educational outreach, prudent wild sheep management, safeguarding the environment, repressing poaching, and fostering sportsmen's rights.

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2021 Washington Wild Sheep Foundation Auction2021 Washington Wild Sheep Foundation Auction(Session 1)
Washington Wild Sheep Foundation
Kent, Washington, United States
2021 May 15 @ 20:00Auction Local Time (UTC-7 : PDT/MST)
2021 May 15 @ 20:00Pacific Time
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