19ULM-1 COLT S.A.A. #246844

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19ULM-1 COLT S.A.A. #246844
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Colt Single Action Army revolver, factory engraved and silver plated with period documentation as belonging to Arizona Ranger and gunfighter Jeff Kidder. Jeff Kidder the Arizona gunfighter of legend was born Nov. 15, 1873 in Clay County, South Dakota and died April 5, 1908 from wounds received in a gunfight. Kidder was hired in June 1903 by Capt. Thomas H. Rynning of the Arizona Rangers. In the same month Kidder and 30 other Rangers faced down 1200 rioting miners at the Morenci Mines. In Feb. of 1904, Kidder and Rynning, along with Sgt. Brooks engage Burt Alvord and "Billy" Stiles in a gunfight in Naco, Az where Alvord was wounded, ending his spree of train robberies. In April of 1904, the Alvord Gang headed by "Billy" Stiles robs Aquirre Merchantile Co. in Naco. On July 5, 1904 Kidder pistol whips three outlaws in "Tony Downs" turf saloon in Bisbee, Az. On Dec. 29, 1904 Kidder receives Colt SA Army # 246844 at Naco Sonora. The factory letter lists it as a .44-40, 5 1/2" barrel, silver plated, pearl with carved American Eagle grips, sold to Aguirre Merchantile, shipped to Baker & Hamilton San Francisco, CA with one gun in shipment.

In the spring of 1905 Jeff Kidder faces down Jeff Milton in Nogales, AZ and a brief shootout occurs with no one injured. Jeff Kidder is given commission to pursue outlaws in Mexico and Kidder is headquartered in Naco, Az. 1906 Kidder is in a gunfight with 15 gun runners with one outlaw killed and 10,000 rounds of ammunition confiscated. In Dec. 1906 Kidder and Bill Sparks surprise 15 smugglers and kill one, capturing the rest. On December 31, 1906 Jeff Kidder confronts T. Woods during a railroad robbery and shoots him dead through the eye in a gunfihgt.

In March 1907 Capt. Tom Rynning promotes Kidder to Sergeant of Arizona Rangers. In the spring of 1907 Kidder moves to Billy Old's headquarters at Flagstaff, AZ where he is challenged by a cowboy to a fist fight and Kidder beats him down. On November 22, Kidder breaks up a train robbery in Benzon, AZ. On March 19, 1908 Kidder is promoted to 1st Sgt of Arizona Rangers.

On April 2, 1908 Jeff Kidder returns to headquarters in Naco, AZ where it is rumored the corrupt Mexican police had put a bounty on Jeff's head. Kidder puts extra ammo in his belt and pockets and slips into Mexico to meet an informant. Kidder was spending time at a cantina with a lady named "Chia" when 2 Mexican police burst in and immediately shot at Kidder, hitting him in the gut and putting him on the floor, where he pulled his Colt and shot them both. As Kidder fled the 100 yards north to the border, a dozen Mexican police opened up with their Winchesters and drop Kidder. Kidder boldly holds his fire until they move close, and he drops one policeman with a single shot, and he wounds Victoria Amador Chief of Police and brother to Mexican policeman he shot in the cantina. Jeff reloads and fights his way to the border fence where he yells, "I'm all in" and was taken to jail by Mexican police being whipped all the way and given no quarter or medical attention. He whispers while dying to fellow Ranger, "They got me, but if my ammunition had not given out I might have served them the same way." Jeff dies at the age of 37 being the only Arizona Ranger killed in the line of duty.


Factory letter, letter from son of Stephen Aguirre to Arizona Rangers Historian H.S. Copeland concerning Colt #246844 dated 1971. Copy of letter dated December 24, 1907 from Colt to Jeff Kidder concerning repair to the trigger and re-silver plating of Colt 246844. Copy of Colt invoice to Jeff Kidder for $6.50 dated December 20,1907 for repairs. Copies received from Arizona Historical Society.

Physical Description:

The Colt remains in near fine condition showing 70-80% of the factory re-plating silver with the balance drifted to light gray metal where the plating has lifted. The pistol shows some carry during the year between repairs and gunfight. This recently discovered Colt is rumored to be retrieved by Ranger frends who retrieved Kidder from Mexican police.

A rare opportunity to retrieve a legendary lawman's Colt who really was a brave and fearless gunfighter, who's story is more bold and adventurous than tales of fiction.