2 full days of Sturgeon fishing in British Columbia for 2 fisherman (1 boat).

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2 full days of Sturgeon fishing in British Columbia for 2 fisherman (1 boat).
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Two Day Sturgeon Fishing Trip on the Fraser River in British Columbia for Two Angeles
Greg Brownlee ~ Neil and Brownlee
We work with a globally-recognized outfitter that not only continues to catch the largest White Sturgeon on the planet, but also spearheads conservation initiatives and programs for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (2015 Contributing Volunteer of the Year). Fisherman travel from all corners of the globe to fish the Fraser River with our outfitter. Our outfitter guarantees a catch for every boat, at any point in the year, providing every client the opportunity to put their hands on not only the largest freshwater species in the world, but one of the oldest (surviving three ice ages). You’ll get to participate in the Sturgeon Tagging Program, which helps preserve the Sturgeon and gain insight into the world’s best Sturgeon Fishery. Conveniently located just 1.5-hours outside of Vancouver (east), the Fraser River holds an estimated 60,000 White Sturgeon. These Sturgeon can live over 150 years old, and are incredibly large “fish.” Conservatively, you can easily expect to catch a Sturgeon longer than you are tall on this trip (over 6’). Most Sturgeon at 6’ in length will weigh ~200 lbs. What makes catching these dinosaurs so exciting is the fight itself. You may expect that since these fish are so long and heavy, they wouldn’t put up much of a fight. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. They’ll tend to jump more at certain times of the year, but I personally caught an 8’2” behemoth that jumped six times in an hour during a “non-jumping” time of the year. Every Sturgeon that is caught is measured, tagged or checked for existing tag. You will get in the water (wearing waders provided by our outfitter) to do such with every Sturgeon over 5’ in length. Various types of baits are used to catch Sturgeon, but the method stays consistent by dropping bait at the bottom of the river and waiting for a bite. The Sturgeon has little to no eyesight; therefore they rely on their sense of smell to find the bait. This outfitter knows where these dinosaurs are! Many of the guides have been fishing on the river for over 15 years! Does not include meals, lodging, or license/tag. Minnesota SCI would like to Thank Greg Brownlee for this 100% donation!

Website: www.neilandbrownlee.com ` Donation Value: $1,800