$500.00 Certificate for Taxidermy Services

Currency:USD Category:Hunting / Taxidermy Start Price:100.00 USD Estimated At:500.00 - 500.00 USD
$500.00 Certificate for Taxidermy Services

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Auction Date:2019 Mar 15 @ 18:40 (UTC-4 : AST/EDT)
Location:1550 Chandler Rd, Bath, Michigan, 48808, United States
Donor: Nature’s Pride Taxidermy Studio
7801 Wheeler Rd
Concord, MI 49237

Contact: Dan & Emily Weeks
Item: $500.00 Certificate for Taxidermy Services
Value: $500.00

Special Notes: Not valid for work already in progress.

References: Dave Adams, Gary Adams, Ron Lanford, Jim Munk

Exhibitor Booth: Yes

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