$500 Taxidermy Gift Certificate

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$500 Taxidermy Gift Certificate
Item: $500 Taxidermy Gift Certificate
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Taxidermy by Dourlain is a taxidermist in Michigan that not only preserves your trophies; we bring them to life in a natural setting. We don’t just preserve and mount specimens; we set them up in a way that’ll make sure you are able to relive the thrill of the hunt every time you see it. As a hunter, you want your trophies to tell a story. When you point at the mounted specimen in your living room, you want it to tell the great story of your conquest. Our Michigan taxidermists capture the very essence of the wild, preserving that thrilling moment when you finally bagged that hunt. Whether you’re mounting a bear, deer, or a more exotic animal, you can trust us to do more than just preserve the specimen. We turn simple mounted specimens into a snapshot of the wild, showcasing the untamed and making every memory of the hunt fresh. You can count on Taxidermy by Dourlain for professional taxidermy in Michigan.

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