9 day Alberta whitetail deer and moose combo November 21-29th 2019 only, this is the last hunt avai

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9 day Alberta whitetail deer and moose combo November 21-29th  2019 only, this is the last hunt avai
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9 Day Alberta Whitetail Deer and Moose combo Hunt for One Hunter

Rob Brown ~ Timber King

On our November moose hunts you can expect to be on a quad or in a truck with your guide alongside for the entire hunt, this is a spot and stalk hunt, hunting either field or pasture or back off the farmland in the willow swamps these moose call home. The moose in November will not be calling and are most likely be in bachelor groups, increasing the chances of seeing multiple bulls in one area. We hunt Whitetail deer in the Northeastern corner of Alberta, Canada. Where the rolling grain fields meet the forest fringe, creating some the best ground for our deer and moose to produce large amounts of antler. The 5200 square miles our area encompasses consists of 90% private land and 10% government land. Resident pressure is minimal in our area and very limited on moose as Alberta residents must draw a license before they are able to hunt one. When hunting for whitetail you can expect to be in a heated blind or stand. We like to utilize what’s best for the spot, sometimes being lock-on stands or ladder stands. But for the most part it will be in a comfortable tower stand or blind. Approximately 75% of our whitetail hunting is done from the blind while the other 25% consists of glassing fields from the pickup truck then stalking in for the shot, both ways have proven successful.

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