Bull Elk 20 X 30 Canvas Wrap Print

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Bull Elk 20 X 30 Canvas Wrap Print
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Throughout our banquet and on our brochures and auction, you will find amazing photos of wildlife. Our feature photographer is William (Bill) Allard. Bill grew up in Wyoming and developed a passion for archery hunting. He is an accomplished bow hunter, and has taken the skills he learned stalking big game and now uses those skills to photograph wildlife. Bill is known for his charming personality and his ability to capture amazing images in natural settings. He spends countless hours in the field searching and waiting for the perfect shot!

Bill resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and is well respected by his peers for his ability to photograph all types of wildlife. If you are looking for a photograph for your home, office or cabin, please visit Bill's website for a variety of wildlife photos to choose from. To see Bill's photography, visit his Facebook pages. Look him up at Bill Allard or William Allard Wildlife

Thank you Bill for letting Safari Club International Utah share some of your amazing work!

This is Bill's story:

I was born and raised in a small town in southwest Wyoming. We were not a well to do family, and lived in small home at the very edges of town. From the time I could first walk, the outdoors was my play ground. I would sit at the edge of unita ground squirrels holes with a string and wait for them to come up and snare them. I put them in an old shoe box and sold them for 10 cent to get a 9 cent movie ticket and a penny’s worth of candy. I wanted a bow and arrow and when my folks would ask me what I wanted for Xmas or my birthday, I would always say a bow and arrow. My folks did not have enough money and I always got shoes or gloves instead.

After working hard all through elementary and high school, I attended the University of Wyoming and I bought my own bow when I was 18. I shot my first archery buck deer the first day I went out hunting with it and bowhunting became my passion. For over 50 years I hunted with just my bow. I loved getting close to animals and understanding their talk. I would tell people what I had seen and many would question me. Many would say “Well then take a photo of it.” And that’s what I started to do. In my last 10 years of hunting, I made myself a promise that I would not shoot another animal unless I could first take its photo, put my camera down, get my bow and then try to shoot it.

My dad taught me to hunt with a rifle when I was young and we did it for food. But one day, not too many years ago, I shot a nice buck antelope after taking its photo. I decided that I didn’t need to hunt for food anymore. I decided to lay down my bow and let you young guys have my permits and I would just hunt them with my camera. I still get to shoot them and love doing that as much with my camera as I did with my gun and bow. Bowhunting above all else, taught me patience and persistence and respect of the animals I hunted. I now use all the things I learned, to shoot these same critters with my camera. From a pump 22, to a 32 special, to a recurve, to a high tech bow, to a high tech camera. It’s been a wonderful journey and I have been blessed, to be able to do what I have loved, all my life. I can only wish all of you the same!

Bill Allard
William Allard Wildlife