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WHO: Ultimate Firearms, Inc.
WHAT: Custom .50 Caliber In-Line Muzzleloader
TERMS: Ultimate Firearms, Inc. makes the BP Express, the world’s finest custom muzzleloader. With velocities approaching 2400 feet per second with a 300-grain bullet, the ability to burn up to 200 grains of Pyrodex pellets, and an easy two-minute cleanup, this is truly a scientifically engineered, long range muzzleloader that harbors tremendous accuracy and power. This muzzleloader has documented kills on big game in excess of 500 yards. The BP Express has fired five shot groups of one-half inch at 100 yards. This rifle has been used with great success on Brown Bears in Alaska to Cape Buffalo in South Africa. It is designed for the discriminating hunter looking to maximize his shooting potential and hunting effectiveness. It has been tested to over 125,000 psi breech pressures. That amount would cause failure in most any other muzzleloader. The rifle has a lugged, locking bolt with two blow ports to prevent primer blowback. Due to the patented ignition system, there are no gasses expelled through the breech plug. This muzzleloader is primed with a unique, patented, .45 caliber brass casing with a magnum rifle primer which is ten times hotter than a .209 primer. No more having to load those tiny caps or .209s, simply lay the .45 casing in the chamber and rack it forward. The casing surrounds the nipple meaning no blowback. Gone are the days of removing breech plugs and scrubbing tiny parts. This firearm is scientifically engineered to such tight tolerances that there is no fouling blown down the threads during ignition, thus no need to remove and clean it! Simply clean this muzzleloader from the bore as you would any other weapon.
? Custom Stainless Barrel
? Custom McMillan Thumbhole Stock
? Remington 700 Action
? Box of bullets, box of brass, bore shine, patches

To learn more about this fantastic muzzleloader, talk to Dave Watson or Todd Melton about their experience with this firearm. This is the firearm that will let you start applying for muzzleloader draws.
WEBSITE: www.ultimatefirearms.com