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Cal. 9mm parabellum. S# 3022. Bbl 10". An exceptional example of a very early, correct, MP5 SMG. Something this particular gun exhibits that is extremely desirable and rather uncommon is its use of a push pin swing-down trigger group as utilized on factory models. This registered receiver gun registered by Barr Armsmaker is designated as MP 54-A3 and is stamped as such on the front of the receiver in the 3 o'clock position, though the marking is partially obstructed when utilizing the Surefire lighted forend. (The original model of the current MP5 that was produced in 1964 was assigned the MP-54 designation based on the Heckler & Koch company's old system. Use of the numeral 5 indicates that it is a submachine gun/assault carbine and the numeral 4 indicates that its chambered for the 9"19mm cartridge). Markings include mag.-well right side "BARR ARMSMAKER made in W. Germany HK Chantilly VA Frankston TX". Left side mag.-well markings include "KAL 9mm x19". Top of receiver markings include "HK 94 3022" w/ factory markings "Eagle over N" signifying the federal insignia of Germany & suitable for use with smokeless powder, code "ID" indicating 1983 manufacture and "Antler" mark indicating ULM proof house. Front sight is a standard HK hooded post. Rear sight is the factory four position drum style peep sight. Site radius is approx. 13 1/2". Matte black painted finish. Paddle mag. release. A3 collapsible buttstock, meat-tenderizer style. Plastic S-E-F swing-down trigger pack. MAGS: none. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: slim (jungle style) forend. CONDITION: lighted forend tested and appears to function correctly. Finish on metal surfaces is complete and consistent with the exception of some high edges such as where the forearm slides over the receiver and a scratch on the left hand side of the cocking tube where it interfaces with the lighted forend. Finish is also thin on high end of sling attachment points. This firearm is in terrific condition and is an excellent example of a very early iconic SMG that's passed the test of time. NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT MG REQUIRING BATF TRANSFER BEFORE TAKING POSSESSION. FULLY TRANSFERABLE. (03-1452/JZ). MODERN. CLASS III. $18,000-24,000.