Long Range Shooting Class

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Long Range Shooting Class
Live #13 Long Range Shooting Class

This is a fantastic long-range shooting class to take before or after you buy a long-range rifle and want to learn how to make the most of it. You are going to have a ton of fun and learn a lot during this one-day course for up to four (4) people.

Excellence in the field requires proper tools, training, experience and desire. The objective of this long-range shooting class is to provide you with the knowledge and skill set to successfully hit targets out to the maximum effective range of your favorite big-game hunting or target rifle in real-world environmental conditions. This will be accomplished through classroom-type instruction and then practical field application on one of the nicest private long-range shooting ranges in the Pacific Northwest, conveniently located near Naches, WA.

The morning session will include a detailed discussion of equipment and ammo selection, the rifle components as a system, proper equipment setup and cleaning, ballistics, range-finding, electronic ballistic applications, understanding and use of MOAs or MILs, marksmanship fundamentals, the effects of altitude, temperature, gravity, spin drift, Coriolis effect and wind on the rifle bullet.

The remainder of the day will include detailed equipment checks and hands-on real-world marksmanship practice. We will thoroughly go through your rifle system, Magneto chronograph your ammo during zero confirmation at 100 yards and then begin engaging steel targets in varying increments in different field positions out to at least 1,200 yards (or much more!) - environmental conditions and rifle/shooter capabilities pending.

By the end of the course the student should have a theoretical understanding of what it takes to reliably make first round hits at longer ranges and be able to take home what they learned to use in practice. Most importantly, the shooters will understand the dynamics of their real-world maximum effective shooting range when using their favorite hunting rifle. The ethical hunter knows his capabilities and limitations!

Student shooters are to provide their own rifle(s) and at least 50 rounds of ammo. Rifles should be chambered in .243/6mm calibers or larger and capable of shooting 1” groups (or less) at one hundred yards. To get the most out of the class, scopes should have turrets with MOA or MIL elevation and windage adjustments with corresponding reticles. Muzzle brakes and suppressors are welcome!!!

Alternatively, a student shooter can rent a class gun for $250 and set aside all equipment related issues. Enjoy mild recoil, excellent accuracy, crisp light triggers, world-class optics, adjustable combs and ergonomically designed rifles.

Dates to be mutually acceptable from April through early June of 2019.

Contact: Allen Ernst, President, Guide Financial Group



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