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Cal. 7.62x54R. S# 658A. Bbl. 28". Vickers MK-I Heavy MG built around a fully transferable Charles Erb sideplate. Current configuration appears to be 7.62x54R. Originally referred to as the Vickers Maxim, this gun was adopted by Great Britain in 1912. It remained a principal machine gun through WWI & WWII until being replaced by the "L7A1 GPMG" in the 1960s. Though they were at one time available w/ two different water jackets, a corrugated style & the more traditional smooth side Maxim type, this gun is of the latter. They were available in both ground gun & in aircraft gun variants. This particular firearm comes w/ a standard ground tripod & cradle, as well as an anti-aircraft extension. Tripod has steel legs w/ the rear most measuring 33" from the ground to the receiver, front legs measure 25" from ground to brass receiver. All three legs are adj. for height and/or configuration. Brass cradle locks into the brass receiver & is secured w/ steel bolts. Steel elevation mechanism utilizes a brass wheel for micro adjustments while traversing freely. If desired, the 20" anti-aircraft extension can be added to the cradle for additional elevation. Tripod legs are currently painted tan while the extensions green paint has primarily been thinned to a patina over bare metal. Though its equipped w/ iron sights which consist of a protective blade & an elevation adj. rear peep marked in meters from 0 to 2,000, it is also outfitted w/ a desirable optical sight which utilizes an inverted V reticle & adj. from 400m to 2400m. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: 6 belts: 4 belts marked ".303" on the brass tabs, 5 are tan plus 1 green, 5 appear to be 250 rd. capacity while 1 has been cut to hold what appears to be just over 100. / 2 metal ammo cans, both white & marked "BOX. BELT. VICKERS-.303 M.G. NO10". / 4 Vickers related books: 2 Cornell Publications reprints & original "300 VICKERS MACHINE GUN MECHANISM MADE EASY", Cornell Publications reprint of "Small Arms Training Volume I, Pamphlet No. 7 303-inch Machine Gun Part I.-Mechanical Subjects 1939" & "Small Arms Identification Series 303 Vickers Medium Machine Gun" by Ian Skennerton. / Water can marked on top "1939 Petroleum Spirit Highly Flammable" measuring 6x10x11" & hose. / Belt box carrier marked "Carrier, Belt Box", "303 IN, VICKERS MG. MKII" measuring 18x5x5". / 4 Spare Vickers locks, 3 of which appear to be 8mm & 1 that appears to be 303 British. / 4 Spare bbls., 3 appear to be 8mm & 1 303 British. / Belt loading machine & belt stretcher. / Tripod, cradle & anti-aircraft expansion. CONDITION: external metal surfaces are blued w/ receiver being more traditional hot blue & bbl. jacket taking on more of a matte finish. Brass feed block. Finish coverage throughout seems quite even w/ the exception of some thinning on top of bbl. jacket & area on right sideplate in which finish had degraded w/ no apparent negative effect to metal. The "Fusee" cover finish has faded to brown patina along w/ large portion of scope mount; sight glass appears free of any major noticeable blemish, remains remarkably clear in comparison to others we"ve encountered, reticle has aged well & is still sharp w/ only minor flaring, none which effect performance plus sights are smooth & operative. Hardwood spade grips have normal dings & impressions but are largely unblemished. Oil brush & applicator rod are both intact & thread freely in & out of grips. Fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. Bore is clean w/ exceptional rifling. NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT MG REQUIRING BATF TRANSFER BEFORE TAKING POSSESSION. FULLY TRANSFERABLE. (03-1459/JZ). MODERN CLASS III. $12,000-18,000.