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Shikar Safaris
Kaan Karakaya
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WSF References: Kevin Small, James MacDougall, Brad Morlock, Ben Gordon, Steve Hornady

Shikar Safaris is proud to donate a special Altay Argali hunt to WSF dates July 1st - September 30th, 2017 or 2018th same period 14 day hunt including one Altay Argali special tag in western Mongolia, airport services, accommodation in the hunting area, outfitting and full board services. Flights, trophy shipment and additional trophies are not included.

Shikar Safaris has been working on Altay Argali conservation for 12 years in western Mongolia where community programs were established in Bayan Ulgi and Khovd provinces. Thank to Mongolian Wild Life Dep., Professional Hunters Association, NGO organizations and Community members for their great support. The Argali Fund has been established and the money will be used for this project. Shikar Safaris already spent around $500,000 last twelve years for donating 11 motocyles, 2 four wheel cars, uniforms,salaries and equipment for 150 game guards, binos, spotting scopes, several tons of hay and salt for the sheep in the winter and more...

In 2015 new areas were opened whereTrevor Ahlberg harvested a new world record Altay Argali 66 5/8’’ (total 263 3/8), even bigger than famous McElroy ram. Kevin Small took 65” giant ram and Jeff Demaske got a great 61”. In 2016 Shikar Safaris organized 12 more Altay Argali hunts with outstanding results. All trophies were 10 years and over. 8 trophies were over 58”, the longest one was 64 2/8” and several scored between 240-253’’.

Chris Dianda harvested a new world record Gobi Argali scored 236” and a 59” (246 2/8”) Altay ram. Miguel Madero took giant rams including new #3 58’’ hangay of 2015, 59’’ Hangay of 2016, a great Gobi ram, Altay Sayan ram and classic 2 Altays up to 60” where Dan Catlin of Wildlife Taxidermy joined him. Thomas Lemmerholz got a giant 242 5/8” Hangay and very heavy 253’’ Altay. Bill Nye got all three argalis, two ibex and maral including heavy 247 7/8” Altay ram. Jon Dagel got a great 62”AltaySayan ram. David Nogera took a giant Altay of 64 2/8’’.

This will be a pre scouted hunt in the Western (Bayan Ulgi Kazak region) or Khovd areas. Kaan Karakaya has been to Mongolia 4 times this year and spent 53 days on the mountains where he scouted at least 6-7 big rams around 60” or bigger. The population is getting much better, the quality is very high and the trophies are around 10-14 years old. Our goal is to find a trophy of 58-62” or over with a total score of 240” - 250” or more.