Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt

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Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt
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Hunt Title: Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt
Hunt Category: Hunt
Hunt Length: 5-7 Days
Date: September and October
Hunt Delayed: Yes
Location: Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan
Arrival Departure:
Hunt Tophy Fees Included: Yes
Tag License Required: Yes
Firearm Permit:
Tag Apply:
Additional Fee:
Number of Hunters:
Non Hunters:
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Number of Non-Hunters:
Hunt Writeup:Asian Mountain Outfitters offers a unique and adventurous mountain hunting experience for Mid-Asian Ibex in either Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan. This is not a North American Hunt; hunters need to be prepared for cultural/language differences, long range and sometimes quick shooting (proficient at 500+ yards). The climates are similar to the high & dry areas of CO, NM and NV. Hunters have the option of shooting a second Ibex ($5,000), Roe Buck (Kyrgyz) or Wild Boar (Tajik) on a trophy fee basis. This Ibex hunt includes 5-7 hunting days, depending on the area; it requires a hunter to be relatively fit and experienced in mountain hunting. Typical Ibex size ranges from 38 - 47”. An average Ibex is about 42/43”. Ibex under 38” and over 47” are rare. Ibex over 47” are possible in some areas, for very fit and tough hunters willing to spike out in often harsh conditions. We hunt many areas for Ibex; some areas have bigger Ibex than others and some have easier hunting/access with nice camps; our goal is to match the client/area to better suit their abilities and goals. If a hunter prefers to do a non-horseback hunt (using pack donkeys and foot/jeep hunting), this hunt can be done in Tajikistan. The drive to the hunt camps range from 3 to 14 hours. The most common hunt dates are Sept. and Oct., but the season runs from August 15th thru Dec. 1st in Kyrgyzstan and Sept. 1st through Feb. 28th in Tajikistan. Hunting licenses and tags, based on current government prices are included in the hunt; any unforeseen fee increases are to be paid by the client. The hunter is responsible for the following costs: flight to and from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan or Dushanbe, Tajikistan via Turkish Air/Istanbul, airport VIP service, meals and lodging while in Bishkek (usually 2-3 nights), extra baggage fees for taking home skin/skull or shipping of trophies home and staff tips (clients will be provided with Tip suggestions). Hunters can sometimes take the trophy(s) home in checked luggage if skins are dried enough, but many of our hunters decide to have them shipped via DHL, Fed Ex or Turkish Air Freight and cleared, using a Wildlife import broker. The hunt is to be taken during this year’s hunting season, but arrangements can be made to postpone hunt until a future year (with approval from Asian Mountain Outfitters; and if Govt. fees increase, hunters pay this increase). Asian Mountain Outfitters works with partners in several different hunting areas: the Naryn and Issyk-kul Regions of Kyrgyzstan and 2 different regions of Tajik. Our Manager/interpreter/partners will meet clients at airport and assist in all aspects of the hunts. The best local guides typically do not speak English, but are skilled hunters and horsemen. If it is your first trip to Central Asia, we can arrange a Western/English speaking guide to accompany you (price is a minimum of $5,000 USD plus all their travel and trip expenses). Hunters who elect to hunt with just the local guides need to be able to assist in trophy judging & oversee skin preparations. The best attitude is to go prepared as if it is a Self-guided hunt, combined with local guides. This hunt can be upgraded to a Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan or a Marco Polo in Tajikistan. Bryan Martin, founder of Asian Mountain Outfitters, has conducted seminars at various conventions about equipment, shooting and what should be expected on such hunts. He has outfitted in Canada since 1999 and in Central Asia since 2002 and has personally been on many successful Marco Polo/Ibex hunts, spending over 3 months each year in Central Asia, to insure that AMO is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of your trip. Make sure to check out the Asian Mountain Outfitters website for additional information, videos and podcasts on this hunt and many others they offer in Tajikistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Canada and Romania.

Donated by: Bryan Martin; Asian Mountain Outfitters; Cell + 1-250-317-5525
Office Email and website: asianmountainoutfitters@gmail.com: Web: www.asianmountainoutfitters.com
Hunt Company:Asian Mountain Outfitters