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SIDELOCK EJECTOR SINGLE TRIGGER GAME GUNS WITH CASE AND ACCESSORIES. Cal. 12 Ga., 2 1/2". S# 4336 and 4387. Gun number "4387" appears to be built to pair with number "4336", made in 1895. "4336DOUBLE TRIGGER SELF-OPENING GAME GUN WITH TWO SETS OF BARRELS AND CASE. Cal. 12 Ga., 2 3/4". S# 15775. Two chopper lump barrel sets; one 26", the other 28", both with narrow game ribs engraved "James Purdey & Sons Audley House, South Audley Street London. Made of Sir Joseph Whitworth's Fluid Pressed Steel". 26" Barrel set is also engraved "1" on rib, 28" set engraved "2". Barrel flats are stamped with original London nitro proofs for 1 1/8 oz. shot, and 1983 London re-proofs for 2 3/4" chambers. Factory letter indicates that barrel work was done by Purdeys in 1983 with the 26" barrel set being shortened and "skeet" bored. The letter further states that the original owner also owned Purdey gun number "16605" and those 28" barrels were let into this gun. The barrels were also re-proofed for 2 3/4" and chokes altered to modified and full. Both barrel sets have barrel makers initials "WH" (Bill Hill) and 28" barrels have remnants of serial number "16605". 26" Barrels are stamped with tube numbers "18700" and "18701" on loop. It appears that the loop was replaced with the refitting of the 28" barrels and no loop numbers are present. Case hardened Beesley patent self opening sidelock action features automatic safety (SAFE engraved in gold), bushed strikers, engraved arrow tumbler end cocking indicators and double triggers. Action is engraved with typical Purdey house style rose and scroll, well cut, most likely executed by J. Lucas, head engraver. Gun is number "1" of a pair with "1" engraved on top lever, stamped on action, and also engraved on forend iron. Iron is also stamped with actioners initials "AP" (A. Phillips). Very nicely marbled European walnut straight grip buttstock measures 14 3/4" over black leather covered pad. Stock features usual drop points, point pattern checkering at wrist, and a vacant gold oval on toe line along with individually inlet gold letters "LAL". Matching splinter ejector forend has Anson release. Bore diameters: 26" bbls: left - .737, right - .736. Bore restrictions: left - .003 (skeet), right - .002 (Skeet). Minimum wall thickness: left - .023, right - .025. 28" Bbls: left - .742, right - .736. Bore restriction: left - .012 (mod), right - .005 (mod). Minimum wall thickness: left - .022, right - .022. DAH: 2 5/16". DAC: 1 9/16", cast is approx. 1/2" off. WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 11 oz. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: factory letter. Gun is housed in good quality russet leather VC case with stitched leather corners, lined in burgundy cloth. A black leather gold embossed Purdey label is in lid. Case contains Purdey marked 2 piece brass and ebonite cleaning rod, oil bottle, and two snap caps. Mop, jag, and broken case extractor are in black morocco wallet. CONDITION: fine, as partially refinished. Both barrel sets retain nearly all of a London reblack. Action retains approx. 10% original case hardening color where protected. Lockplates retain most of their color, left lock approaching 75%. Stock has had some expert repairs as outlined in Trevallion Gunstocks invoice, and is very nicely refinished. Checkering competently recut. Newer forend by Trevallion is excellent with a few scratches and handling marks. Bores are very fine, shiny throughout. Action is tight. Drop is good. Barrels are on face. Ejectors are in time. Near new case has a few scuffs in exterior leather and some minor compressions on label and on interior cloth. Accessories are near new. A versatile good handling London "Best". (20-333/MGM42). ANTIQUE. $12,000-18,000. Is gold inlaid "1" on top lever, rear portion of rib and on forend release lever. Gun "4387"is numbered "2"in the same places. Gun "1" has newly Birmingham made dovetailed barrels fitted with narrow swamped game rib which is engraved with Boss's St. James Street address. Barrels of gun "2"match well, but have somewhat broader rib. Gun "1" is stamped with 1961 Birmingham nitro proofs and gun "2" with 1974 London proofs and "SLEEVED". Boss number is on bottom of rear lump. Both guns have coin finished square backed sidelock actions with automatic safeties, bushed strikers, gold line tumbler end cocking indicators and Boss single non selective triggers. These triggers are unusual in that they are set diagonally across trigger plates and have fairly deep finger blades with extreme cant for right hand shooter. Actions are filed with somewhat rounded beads and very unusual for Boss, fluted fences in the style of Rigby or Grant. Actions and locks are engraved with usual Boss "best" rose and scroll by the noted Sumner's of London and have 15 rose bouquets. "BOSS'S PATENT EJECTOR" is on each side of actions and "Boss & Co" is in scrolled ribands on each lockplate. Trigger plates are engraved with Boss's single trigger patent number. Small bow trigger guards are also scroll engraved and have semi-relief serial numbers at grips. Well matched nicely marbled and lightly figured European walnut straight grip buttstocks measure 14 3/8" over black leather covered pads. Stocks are finished in traditional style with drop points, point pattern checkering and vacant gold ovals. Matching splinter Boss ejector forends have forward pivoting lever releases. Gun "1": left - .727 restriction: .039 (full). Right - .727 restriction: .012 (lt mod). Minimum wall thickness: left - .029, right - .032. DAH: 2 1/2". DAC: 1 5/8". Cast slightly off. WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 11 oz. Gun "2": left - .729 restriction: .027 (Imod). Right - .729 restriction: .020 (mod). Minimum wall thickness: left - .029, right - .030. DAH: 2". DAC: 1 1/2". Cast slightly off. WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 9 oz. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: vintage makers oak and leather two-gun case with brass corners and central medallion, is embossed "E. L. T. de M." on top. Interior is lined in scarlet cloth and has large Boss paper label in lid. Accessories include the long end of a 2 piece cleaning rod (short handle missing), rosewood handled turnscrew, rectangular oil bottle and pull through field cleaning kit. CONDITION: fine, as reconditioned. Bbls. retain nearly all of a "best" London black. Actions cleaned to coin finish, but engraving remains mostly clear with slight wear on beads. Top levers and trigger guards reblacked and retain nearly all of that black. Buttstocks nicely refinished with checkering recut. Both forends are newly made and exhibit factory quality workmanship and match butts well. Case leather is considerably darkened with numerous marks and rubs. Older replaced handle is good. Interior cloth is good to fine with some areas reblocked to better fit these guns. Label is considerably foxed, lightly soiled. A pair of Bosses ready to be enjoyed for the next hundred years. (01-17687/MGM) & (01-17688/MGM155). BOTH ANTIQUE. $20,000-30,000.