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Cal. 50 BMG. S# 341R. Bbl. 29". What we have here is an RAP (Research Armaments Prototypes) 50 BMG M50 sniper rifle in all of its original glory. Designed by the team led by D. Haskins in an early attempt to create a take-down style, single man portable 50 BMG sniper system. Though this rifle seems to generically be identified under its most aggressive advertising moniker, the Iver Johnson AMAC, the system itself actually changed hands several times undergoing numerous minor configuration changes. This example, heavily stamped “R.A.P.” on the right side of the receiver above the model & S#, also displays a much lighter engraving reading “ULTIMATE ACCURACY JAX. AR”. An outwardly simple design consisting of a heavily fluted, free-floating bbl. w/ an enormous artillery style muzzle break sets above an 11" long piece of real estate which its primary function is as a mounting point for the custom bipod, rather than a typical forend since it wasn’t designed to be fired off hand anyway. The heavy bipod is composed of telescoping steel tubes & is able to be manipulated to provide a solid platform on most any terrain, no matter how uneven. The rifle also has the ability to swivel a few degrees in either direction, even w/ the bipod locked in place. The firing mechanism is composed of a 3-lug rotating bolt which functions in a “shell holder” fashion. The loading sequence starts by removing the bolt & placing a rd. into the semi-circular extraction slot on the bolt face, & the bolt is inserted into the rifle, rotated, & locked in to place. The pistol gripped shoulder stock is adj. in length of pull to be customized for its primary operator & boasts a thick recoil pad to lessen discomfort created by the typically heavy recoil of the 50 BMG cartridge. Mounted securely above the receiver is an extremely desirable & very highly regarded 16X M1A scope w/ mill dot reticle mfg. specifically for SPECOPS by Leupold & Stevens. Wearing S# 87-1287 these optics are well known not only for clarity & accuracy but durability, even on the most challenging platforms such as a bolt action 50 BMG. The fully adj. trigger has no creep & breaks clean & crisp, w/ just enough resistance not to be overly adrenaline sensitive. As typical w/ precision weapons systems, numerous parts are numbered to the receiver, including the bolt, bbl., stock, & floor plate. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: Browning travel vault foam lined shipping case. CONDITION: firearms of this nature are typically encountered having extremely low rd. counts due to the nature of this chambering & their condition is typically a symptom of their environment. This particular example was purchased new by the consigner & has spent its years in a working reference collection, occasionally making an appearance at a demonstration, arriving & leaving in a foam lined transport case. The original flat black finish is still completely intact w/ the only indication of sporadic use being the tiny amount of inevitable finish disruption in areas where hot pressurized gasses escape the muzzle break. Shiny bore w/ well pronounced rifling & beautiful trigger. Bolt locks & unlocks tight & smooth. L& S scope is clear & sharp. (21-1588/JZ). MODERN. $2,500-3,500.