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Cal. 9mm. S# 1468. Bbl. 10". Smith & Wesson began its journey in the light rifle business in 1939 when they were contacted by the British Govt. searching for a light weight military carbine. A very short blowback operated open bolt system was chambered in 9mm Luger which was already common in the British arsenal & prototypes submitted for consideration. W/out extensive testing the British govt. placed an order for the new model 1940 rifle, transferring $1,000,000.00 to Smith & Wesson. Shortly after receiving them, problems relating to the more powerful loaded British 9mm ammo started to arise & Smith & Wesson made some immediate design changes. They included the addition of a sleeve over the center of the receiver, both to add strength & double as a safety by blocking the firing mechanism & redesignating the model as the MKII, retroactively designating the previous offering as the MKI. Great Britain cancelled the order a short while later & just over 1,000 total firearms were sold & shipped. At Smith & Wesson just over 200 receivers had been completed & placed into storage & where they sat until the mid-1970s when these rifles were classified by BATFE as Curios & Relics. Just under 150 MKI variants & just under 100 MKII variants were finished & sold in the United States sporting market. Bbl. is fluted & tapered w/ a nonadjustable front blade sight. Rear sight is adjustable for windage plus elevation. Firing from an open bolt, the reciprocating cocking handle is on the right side at approximately 1 o"clock. Serrated band encompasses receiver behind rear sight acting as a safety when rotated counter-clockwise. The unique mag. well loads from the top rear first is brought downward into place where it is protected by a massive mag. well. that doubles as a bottom dumping ejection port. The stock measures 11 1/2" at its longest point & is capped w/ a metal buttplate serial number to match the rifle. Markings include "Smith & Wesson" trademark logo on rear left side of receiver & serial number on bottom of receiver just to the rear of the trigger guard. On left side of receiver "SMITH & WESSON / SPRINGFIELD, MASS. U.S.A.", on right side of receiver: "PAT. 221338-2216022 / AND 2231978". Left side stock bares an etched aluminum data plate colored red reading: "EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE". MAGAZINE: 1 steel factory 20 rd. mag. (often loaded w/ ease to 21 rds.). CONDITION: bluing is dark, deep & rich, consistent throughout the entirety of exposed metal surfaces w/ a few areas of thinning, w/ some reaching the metal on the left side of receiver & around bbl. nut; functionally it appears to have seen very little use earning its mileage through storage & display. A sm. hole was drilled into the sock through the data plate beside the vacant hole where the rear swing swivel would typically be attached; the action moves freely & appears to function correctly when cycled by hand although the recoil spring feels unusually light, it locks back & the bolt drops forward upon depressing the trigger though it fails to stay seated firmly against the chamber; good bore, w/ very strong rifling. (20-907/JZ). CURIO. $6,000-9,000.