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Cal. 32 ACP. S# Y1192P. Bbl. 4.5". Due to the 1968 Gun Control Act, combined w/ the 1986 National Firearms Act, the ability to own a foreign SMG is all but impossible. The SA VZ 61 Skorpion is an SBR variant that is as close as we can get for individual ownership. Designed in the late 1950’s, adopted by the Czech Military in 1961, the original VZ 61 is a true Czech machine pistol, chambered in 32 ACP. It has a cyclic rate of approx. 850 RPM & is fed from 10 rds. or 20 rds. detachable mags. The SA, or semi-auto version, imported through Waffen Werks in Knoxville, TN. It retains a great portion of the aesthetics of the SMG, including the top folding stock & telltale wood pistol grip. The SA version was available w/ 4 options, giving the owner the ability to choose between beech, walnut, plastic, as well as the traditional light standard grip. With the provided bbl. length, the average standard muzzle velocity is 1040 fps, making it a desirable suppressor host w/ the addition of an after market threaded bbl. The SA packaging is more of a kit than a simple box, including multiple accessories. Metal finish is a dark black on the upper receiver & bbl. assembly w/ a muted matte black finish on the lower receiver & mags. The stock is utilized by tapping it up w/ the non-control hand & releasing it from a spring loaded clip. When it is fully extended, it locks into place by a spring loaded rotating cam. To release the lock & return it to the folded position, the stock rails are squeezed to the center (just behind the receiver) & it is rotated over the top, then snapped back into place. It may be operated w/ the stock in both open & closed positions. Front sight is a fixed post, while rear sight is a 2 position notch sight marked at 75m & 50m respectfully. The operating system is a closed bolt blow back design. The safety/selector is located in the left side & can easily be operated w/ the control hand thumb. Charging is accomplished by pulling back 2 ears that reside on either side of receiver. MAGS: 1-10 rd. & 2-20 rd. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: factory plastic transport case. Nylon & velcro holster couch. Nylon sling. Nylon & velcro mag. pouch that holds 2-20 rd. mags. 2 Compact disk digital user guides. CONDITION: finish on exterior metal surfaces is complete & consistent throughout. No noticeable blemishing beyond unavoidable daily handling marks. The only significant thinning is in areas of mechanical intervention. Wood grip is unblemished & stock locks tight in both open or closed position. Fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. Bore is shiny w/ good rifling. PROVENANCE: Formerly owned by the Consult General of Pakistan. NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT SBR REQUIRING BATF TRANSFER BEFORE TAKING POSSESSION. FULLY TRANSFERABLE. (03-1507/JZ). MODERN CLASS III. $1,000-1,500.