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Auction Date:2021 Apr 24 @ 09:00 (UTC-4 : AST/EDT)
Location:25414 Hwy 62 South, Bancroft, Ontario, K0L 2L0, Canada
ALL BIDDER MUST READ LOT 0. Placing your bid is your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions, Buyers Premium,Taxes,Shipping and Payment information.

Once you have placed your "Maximum Bid" don't increase it until you have been outbid!!

When you sign up you choose "Pick Up or Ship", your original instructions will be followed. Please see lot 0A/0B for further details.

Future 2021 Auctions Apr 24th, Jun 19th, Aug 21st, Oct 16th, Dec 11th
We can no longer ship directly any sort of Firearm or Firearm parts to an USA or International buyer. They must be shipped by a third party exporter.
We work with several. Please email admin@switzersauction for details.
Please don't bid on lots 1-4989 unless you have spoken with the ATF, your FFL, and the exporter regarding if your item can be shipped to you.
You have sole responsibility for your purchases. You and or your FFL may be required to file paperwork with the ATF/Exporter in order to be able to import an item. Please check with your FFL and/or ATF/Exporter regarding import of specific items. Your FFL the ATF/Exporter will charge additional fees for the required paperwork. Any items purchased that can't be exported will be resold in our next auction, you will be charged a commission fee on the resale.

Storage fees of $5.00 per item per month will be charged on all items that we have not received paperwork for within 120 days of the sale. If you are unable to complete the required paperwork within 1 year your lots will be sold at the next auction. You will be charged a commission on the resale.

Canadian de-activated firearms do not meet the requirements for import into the USA, or Internationally and therefore will require additional export documentation before being sent, and in some cases will not be accepted at all. (be very cautious on bidding on these. Most will not qualify for export Lot Series 5000)

Please note that we do not ship AMMUNITION/POWDER/PRIMERS/AIR GUNS to US or International buyers. These are lots 10000-13999/ 14500-14999 and 19000-19099

Please enter all 0'S in the firearms license field to bypass this requirement for Canadian buyers