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Central Texas Auction Services LLC
Belton, Texas, United States
Central Texas Auction Services, LLC specializes in on-site auctions of construction and farm equipment, vehicles, antiques, estates, restaurant equipment and real estate for the Central Texas area.
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Clark Management Company
Powell, Wyoming, United States
Clark Management Company’s goal is to bring together great consignors and a good selection of gentle and great using animals that exemplify the auctions that we produce. The Best of the Rockies, Cody Horse Sale encourages consignors to bring Gentle, Well Broke and Guaranteed Sound saddle horses, good for Trail Riding, Ranching and Rope Horses. Jake Clark’s MULE DAYS prides itself on bringing mules that fit what the buyers need and deserve. Consignors come from across North America and new consignors are required to provide a video of their mules as a prescreening process to be allowed in the sale. Please be sure to talk with the consignors, investigate the animals qualities and be honest with yourself about your abilities to get matched up with the right animal. Clark Management Company encourages the consignors to enter various activities at each Sale and encourages the buyers to watch these activities for their best accomplishments and best use during these activities, Our GOAL is to bring more awareness of the consignments qualities and abilities in order for the buyers to find a great match to their needs.
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Coastal Conservation Association Texas
Houston, Texas, United States
The Coastal Conservation Association is a non-profit marine conservation organization. It is comprised of 17 coastal state chapters spanning the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic seaboard and the Pacific Northwest. CCA’s strength is drawn from the thousands of recreational saltwater anglers who make up its membership. From the Mexico border to the upper-reaches of Maine, CCA’s grassroots influence is felt through state capitols, U.S. Congress and most importantly, in the conservation and restoration of our coastal marine resources. CCA’s unmatched breadth and depth of volunteer involvement has made it the largest marine conservation group of its kind. Beyond the tangible accomplishments seen in state and federal legislatures and fisheries management councils, commissions and panels, CCA’s proactive presence defeats many ill-conceived proposals before they bloom. CCA and its state organizations are engaged in hundreds of different programs and projects related to conservation at all times. These programs and projects include scientific studies, scholarship funding, artificial reefs, hatcheries, contaminate studies, hydrology studies, freshwater inflows, and support of local enforcement agencies and others.
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Connecticut Firearms Auction
Berlin, Connecticut, United States
We’re an American Firearms Auction with a Global Reach Located in the very center of American Gun Manufacturing: The very best guns are and have been made within a few minutes of our auction facility in Connecticut: Colt, Winchester, New Haven, Ruger, Marlin, and Smith and Wesson in Springfield Massachusetts. This gives CT Firearms a unique position in the marketplace
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Dallas Safari Club
Dallas, Texas, United States
The name Dallas Safari Club might be a bit misleading—our members hail from every corner of the globe to form one of the world’s premier hunting and conservation organizations. Whether they live in South Africa, New Zealand or north Texas, since 1970 our members have shared the same mission: to preserve hunters’ rights, conserve wildlife, and promote outdoor education. To that end, we host one of the world’s largest outdoor sporting conventions every January, sponsor an outdoor education course in the public schools, hold tournaments and competitions, and use the money we earn to fund wildlife conservation around the world. Learn more about how we live our mission by visiting our web site. Here are a few highlights: 1.Our Mission - where our money goes 2.Our Foundation - conservation, education, and protecting hunters rights 3.Our Education Programs - educating the next generation of sportsmen 4.Our Convention - one of the world's largest outdoor sporting conventions
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Dallas Safari Club - Heartland Chapter
Silver City, Iowa, United States
While there are many very worthy outdoor organizations that encompass youth activities as part of their overall mission, Heartland DSC has identified youth as our primary mission including youth with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities. We realize that if hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are to remain a viable part of our society, it will be the youth that preserve them into the future.
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Dallas Safari Club - New Mexico Chapter
Farmington, New Mexico, United States
The Mission of Dallas Safari Club New Mexico: * To educate our youth and general public about conservation of wildlife * To advocate, promote and protect the interest and rights of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in New Mexico and worldwide * To ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy our wildlife and the outdoors
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Dallas Safari Club - Northeast Chapter
New Milford, Connecticut, United States
Raising Funds for Wildlife Conservation, Outdoors Education and Hunter Advocacy.
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Dallas Safari Club - Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
Where: Hidden Trails Country Club 6501 club Dr. OKC, OK When: February 29, 2020
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Dallas Safari Club - South Texas
San Antonio, Texas, United States
The South Texas Chapter of the Dallas Safari Club is organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purposes of wildlife conservation and hunter education. We further these purposes primarily by making grants to 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation or hunter education. The South Texas Chapter raises funds and promotes knowledge of wildlife conservation through fun events for members, like our annual gala held in January in San Antonio, Texas. We organize educational programs to improve hunter safety as well as knowledge of the North American Model of Conservation and fair chase principles. The Chapter is proudly affiliated with the Dallas Safari Club, a world-wide leader in funding and promoting wildlife conservation. As an affiliated chapter, the Chapter will support and adhere to the objectives, policies, and other standards established by DSC, including DSC’s Code of Ethics.
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Discounted Hunts LLC
Longmont, Colorado, United States
Discounted Hunts and Vouchers is a company bring quality hunts down to the prices a working man can afford. We are the largest seller of Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts in the nation with over 100 hunts in Colorado alone. We also supply Whitetail Deer, Mule deer and Antelope along the other 36 game animals in the US and Canada. Our goal is to make big game hunting affordable to anyone that want to. Thus enjoying the freedom that Americans have with the right to bear Arms and travel to and from the hunting areas with those guns to hunt in the US and Canada.
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DSC Foundation
Dallas, Texas, United States
DSC Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation organized and operating under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. We are the charitable giving and receiving arm of Dallas Safari Club and we make grants to support the mission of DSC – conservation, outdoor education and advocacy for hunters’ rights.
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DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter
Alpena, Michigan, United States
DSC – Great Lakes Regional Chapter is an affiliate Chapter of Dallas Safari Club. The Chapter’s territory includes the states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin. The Chapter’s mission is to promote the North American Model of Wildlife conservation; educate the public about the role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation; and, to engage in programs and projects that protect the right to hunt. The Chapter’s Bridge Builders organization supports Wish Hunt opportunities for critically ill and/or disabled youth. Additionally, the Chapter’s projects include Hero Hunts that recognize members of the military and first responders; and a program designed to provide wild protein to area soup kitchens.
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DSC Texas Panhandle Chapter
Amarillo, Texas, United States
Dallas Safari Club Texas Panhandle Chapter 2020 2nd Annual Fundraising Banquet The Texas Panhandle Chapter of the Dallas Safari Club is organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purposes of wildlife conservation and education and hunter advocacy. We further these purposes primarily by making grants and donations to organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation, education or hunter advocacy. The Texas Panhandle Chapter raises funds and promotes knowledge of wildlife conservation through fun events, like our annual fundraising banquet held in February in Amarillo, Texas. The Chapter is proudly affiliated with the Dallas Safari Club, a world-wide leader in funding and promoting wildlife conservation. As an affiliated chapter, the Chapter will support and adhere to the objectives, policies, and other standards established by DSC, including DSC’s Code of Ethics. Our Mission is “To Protect and Promote our hunting traditions, to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, to educate youth and the general public, and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters in the Texas Panhandle and Worldwide.” 501c3 83-1595431
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Ducks Unlimited
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. DU got its start in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America's drought-plagued waterfowl populations had plunged to unprecedented lows. Determined not to sit idly by as the continent's waterfowl dwindled beyond recovery, a small group of sportsmen joined together to form an organization that became known as Ducks Unlimited. Its mission: habitat conservation.
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Ducks Unlimited Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Established in 1937, Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (DU) has conserved more than 15 million acres thanks to contributions from millions supporters across the continent. A small group of concerned sportsmen launched an effort to study the problem of declining waterfowl populations as a result of long-term drought in North America, and in 1935 they conducted the first International Wild Duck Census. These conservation pioneers underscored that high-quality habitat was essential to healthy waterfowl populations. The study also found that the wetlands of Canada served as the primary breeding grounds for waterfowl and represented some of the most critical habitat for ducks and geese. These conservation pioneers took an unprecedented step in founding Ducks Unlimited, a 501(c)3, non- profit organization dedicated to conserving habitat for waterfowl. In DU’s inaugural year of 1937, 6,720 members raised $90,000 which went into habitat restoration and enhancement projects in Canada. To complete the on-the-ground conservation work, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) was incorporated in 1938 and, on December 5 of that year, DU staff and Keemen volunteers completed the organization’s first restoration project at the Big Grass Marsh near Gladstone, Manitoba, naming it “Duck Factory Number One.” Guided by science, DU works thoughout the United States. Hindsight explains history, but foresight builds a legacy. DU’s history evolved from the foresight of a small group of sportsmen who launched an unprecedented, international effort to save waterfowl by conserving habitat. DU’s founders and early members stepped forward to make a difference for North America’s waterfowl at a time when our country was in the grip of economic depression and severe drought. That spirit of volunteerism and of rising to meet profound challenges remains a fundamental part of the organization’s culture today. DU’s culture remains the prized secret and key to our continued success. Over 80 years, DU’s mission of waterfowl habitat conservation has resulted in its working across the continent to serve the habitats that make possible the abundance of wildlife. Waterfowl, other migratory birds and hundreds of species of wildlife are not the only beneficiaries of DU’s habitat work. Wetlands also provide vital ecological benefits for people. Wetlands improve the overall health of our environment by recharging and purifying groundwater, moderating floods and reducing soil erosion. Wetlands are North America’s most productive ecosystems, providing critical habitat to more than 900 wildlife species, clean water for our communities, and invaluable recreational opportunities for all people to enjoy, but, just in the last 50 years, our nation has lost more than 17 million acres of wetlands. Last year, in the United States alone, DU impacted more than 435,000 acres of critical breeding, migration and wintering habitat. Each year, the organization’s conservation success stems from the passion, commitment and dedication of Ducks Unlimited supporters, volunteers, partners and professional staff. DU has over 500 employees across the country and an annual operating budget of more than $200 million. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Ducks Unlimited has offices in California, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Washington, D.C., with sister organizations in Canada and Mexico. Ducks Unlimited Inc., Ducks Unlimited Canada, and Ducks Unlimited de Mexico (DUMAC) work together to generate critical support and deliver habitat conservation in the most important waterfowl landscapes across North America. For decades, DU concentrated its conservation efforts on the breeding grounds of Canada’s prairies. As the science of waterfowl management advanced it became clear that effective conservation work must be continental in scope. The full range of habitats that the birds use – nesting, migra
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